Navigating The Human Biofield: A Simple Energy and Toning Practice

The human biofield is comprised of the energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. Some of these energy waves, such as the electromagnetic waves that form our “body space” are measurable by science. The more subtle energy that surrounds and flows through us is not immediately measurable and as we know there is more to us than meets the eye. More ancient healing cultures of the east have mapped and studied it for many thousands of years. The ancient Chinese philosophers and meditators named this energy Chi, while the ancient Vedic tradition of India refers to it as prana. The term “chakras” is known and used by the West and the seven main energy vortices of our chakras correspond to large clusters of nerves or plexuses within our bodies.

The subtle energy that surrounds our physical bodies is in constant flow, is finer and more diffuse than the electromagnetic field with which we are more familiar and also operates under slightly different laws. Some people are sceptical about this energy field, but I have yet to meet a single person who fails to sense or feel the energy under guidance from a practitioner of energy medicine, Tai chi and Qigong

Sound Waves and the Biofield

In the practice known as biofield tuning the energy field is seen as a toroid, or doughnut like shape of sound and energy waves surrounding our bodies. Think of this field as a bubble that encompasses your body at a distance of roughly five to six feet at the sides and two to three feet above your head and under your feet. We can also liken this field to the protective boundary that forms the upper atmosphere of our planet.
Within this “bubble” can be found the traces of all of our life experiences that seem to be stored, along with our emotions, hopes, fears and everything that makes us the unique person we are. Moreover, these different emotional experiences are stored right from the moment of our birth, in the outermost layer. Our most recent experiences are closest to our bodies. Each emotion produces or carries within it a different sound frequency, which can, remarkably be picked up using a tuning fork. These vibrational harmonics can also be influenced by the application of sounds that match them closely, leading to the dispersal of unwanted emotional energy (the Chinese call this “sick chi”) which in turn allows a person to heal on many levels. For example, the emotion of fear has a distinct pulsing quality to its vibrational frequency and this can be alleviated by the introduction of corresponding sounds and frequencies, ideally with a sound therapy practitioner.

The human biofield has been studied and “mapped” like the language of sound in much the same way that neuroscientists have mapped the brain.

The Anatomy of the Biofield

Periods or episodes of stress or difficulty can be assessed and located by passing a tuning fork slowly through this field of subtle energy. ​These experiences can be perceived by both the practitioner and the client as distortions in the sound or resistance to the sound signal. Once identified, healing work can begin in that specific area on the cause of emotional or physical turmoil. The distortions or blockages in the energy field can be gently neutralized with sound, leading to a more harmonious flow. Sound and different vibrational frequencies can produce very positive results when applied to the areas of “noise” or distortion within the biofield. This can then empower a person to access their own healing potential, which, in turn, leads to a more positive and balanced perspective.

Taking Control

It is certainly very beneficial and reassuring to have a sound therapist’s feedback on whatever is causing you concern as they have been trained in the modalities to help you assess the various energetic blockages and disturbances. When it is not possible or for whatever reason, it is good to know that there are things that you can do for yourself in between sessions with a practitioner.

Try this simple exercise to enable you to feel your own energy field and to build up your stores of healing Chi:

Stand with feet hip width apart, keep the knees soft and tuck the base of your spine in. Relax your arms and wrists, elbows slightly bent, all fingers relaxed. Slowly bend your elbows and bring hands up in front of you to chest height. Close your eyes and very slowly pull the hands apart, then return them towards each other even more slowly. Keep breathing slow and regular. Repeat this movement several times until you feel what seems to be a slight resistance keeping your hands from touching. Some people describe it as a kind of balloon or bubble and the reason for keeping eyes closed is so that you are not influenced by the distance you can see between your two hands. The chances are that your hands become wider apart as you repeat the movement. This is your human Chi field, and the stronger it is the healthier you feel.

Basic Chakra Toning

As an introduction to using your voice for self-care and healing let’s try a very basic sound cleanse for your chakras. Here is an interactive Chakra diagram that will provide you with some fundamental tones that correspond to each of the first 7 chakras. Hover over each of the chakras to play the corresponding note and do what you can to mimic the tone or note you hear. For now let’s use the vowel sound “Ah” as in Father or “OH” as in Om. Sit comfortably and visualize each chakra in turn. Use your diaphragm to inhale then slowly exhale as you focus with deliberate intention to move the energy of the sound from your voice to the chakra. Repeat this 2-3 times. Don’t worry too much at this stage about getting the sound exactly right. Begin with your Base or Root chakra, visualize it opening and closing in time with each breath. Place one or both of your hands over the area of the Chakra as you make your sound, feel the vibrations in your body and see the chakra dispelling any unwanted energies then becoming clearer and healthier. Visualize the chakra spinning slowly as it sheds negative vibrations and energies, then spinning a little more quickly as it draws in pure white energy in the form of light. As you move from one chakra to the next see how their energies are connected until you have a column of free flowing, vibrant energy running the length of your spine. When you are complete sit in the silence and just notice what you feel in your body. Can you sense anything different? How did each vibration feel as you vocalized each note? What do you see? Enjoy this simple daily practice and feel free to comment on your experience. I am here for you and invite you to email me your questions or schedule a session to deepen your awareness and explore the benefits of transformational guide work through sound healing and vocal toning. The power is within you. You can take back control of your life and the health and well-being you deserve.