Sound And Vibrational Healing

Sound and Vibrational Healing also referred to as Sound Therapy is part of a wellness revolution that has grown significantly over the last several years. Individuals everywhere are opening their minds and hearts to new ways of self-care and delving into a deeper meaning of what it takes to obtain a healthy state of body, mind and spirit. Organic foods, yoga, meditation and mindfulness are playing a larger part in the lives of a growing number of people. As this awareness grows, there are “new medicine” modalities that are gaining in popularity as effective ways to manage our overall health, and Sound & Vibrational healing is one of them.

Our bodies are natural conduits that constantly absorb and emit vibrational energy. How we harness and utilize that energy is key to our overall well-being. Sound Healing, also called Vibrational Medicine, is based on the principles of vibration and resonance, which weaves itself within, throughout and around us. Every single object in the universe – including us – is in a state of constant vibration.

Chronic Stress, physical pain, emotional upset and illness all cause imbalances in these natural vibrations and harmonies of the body at the cellular level. Vibrational healing helps bring these vibrations back into harmony, facilitating physical and emotional well-being, rebalancing the bodys energy and calming the nervous system. The result is boosting energy, while also relaxing your mind and soothing emotions. As this energy shifts pathways are created for you to gain greater clarity. Your creativity may also be stimulated gaining renewed passion and feeling into potential you may not have known was previously possible because of it having been blocked or stagnant.

How Does Sound Healing Work?

Healing takes place through the principles of entrainment and resonant frequency. It is the natural process of a rhythmic pattern which induces other organisms to fall into the same rhythm. When we hear music we like, we tend to tap our feet and clap our hands. But entrainment can be used in more subtle ways, and in sound therapy, it is used to entrain brainwaves to a slower rhythm in order to induce a state of deep relaxation.

At Tuned Into Wellness we use a variety of tools to help in this process, such as Tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, gongs and other sound instruments to help create an effective atmosphere for healing to occur during the sessions. All are designed to harness the power of your inner rhythms, bringing you back into alignment and thereby contributing to a sense of profound well-being.

There are multiple ways that Tuning Forks are utilized both on and off the body. For instance the stem of a Tuning fork can be placed on the bones and joints to restore movement and flexibility, eliminate toxins and aid in the development of connective tissue. It stimulates the flow of the lymphatic system and the blood, and encourages deep relaxation and elimination of stress. Tuning forks also have a direct influence to the bio-energetic fields around the body, known as subtle energy bodies or aura.

My Sound and Vibrational healing sessions are client-centric and support your engagement. I use a integrated and holistic approach and we will work together to create the most effective, deep and long-lasting change and transformation for you.

Please contact Tuned Into Wellness today to learn more about this life-changing therapy.