Of Sound Mind And Body

Nowadays we accept that “well-being” is an important part of our overall health, both mental and physical, and that this does not mean simply an absence of illness or disease. What does it actually mean though? A sense of well-being can be difficult to define, and of course it is necessarily different for each person. When it comes to our thoughts and emotions we are often very good at burying or ignoring warning signs and signals. We say we are “too busy” to address those feelings of discontent, anger, or inadequacy. We sometimes use harsh language towards ourselves and have little patience with our moods, telling ourselves to “get a grip” or to “snap out if it”. Here is question for you to ponder: Has that ever actually worked for you? I can only speak for myself, but I can safely say that it has never worked for me! If anything, such negative self-talk as sent me deeper into the uneasy or depressing thought cycles.

Discover the Cause or Root of the Problem First

The first step to take when addressing any form of problem with our minds and bodies is to discover where the feelings are coming from. This is easier said than done, but rest assured that it can be done. In my work as a healer with sound I deal with some very powerful emotions at times and I maintain a “compassionate witness” stance in these situations, whether the emotions are my own or a client’s. This compassion clears a space for the feelings to surface into the light where we can deal with them. Through the use of sound we are able to clear and cleanse the energies of these destructive or unwanted thoughts and feelings in a profound, and often permanent way. A sound healing session sets up a totally different soundscape for your mind and body be immersing you in a different set of vibrations and frequencies. It allows your brain to enter what is called an “Altered State of Consciousness” and many people report that the result is almost as if the unwanted thoughts and emotions have been literally shaken up and dispersed from their bodies and energy fields.

Begin to Learn About Your True Nature

As we travel together on your healing journey you will be supported and encouraged to discover the real you. So many of us wear so many different masks and faces during the course of our lives, usually in response to societal expectations and pressures, that it is no wonder that we sometimes lose sight of who we really are. By working with you through the medium of sound it is my intention to facilitate this inner journey so that you begin to make the changes you need in order to achieve that blessed state of well-being that can seem so elusive at times. As you begin to realise your gifts and talents, as you discover new layers of consciousness and knowledge within you, you may well find that some people or situations naturally start to fall away. You will also learn how to honor your own feelings and put your own well-being where it belongs in your list of priorities: At the top.