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What can I expect during a Sound Healing session?

Each sound and vibrational healing session is as unique as you are. An assessment protocol will be utilized to direct the choice and use of the healing tools and instruments. And we will also discuss the value and importance of setting your intentions and how to do this effectively.
During the session it is common to experience energetic or emotional and physical release. These may be in the form of unconscious body movements or twitches, a yawn or deep breath in and out, you may feel emotions rise up in you or you just might settle into deep relaxation. All of these are simply indicators of energetic shifts or that an aspect of you needs awareness and attention.

How do I know when Sound Healing is right for me?

Sound and Vibrational Healing can be a solution for many of your physical, emotional and spiritual concerns. It can be integrated into your current conventional health or medical routine, it aids in restoring healthy levels of certain happy hormones like dopamine and reduces levels of stress hormones like cortisol and boosts your immune system. It also can provide relief from physical pains, the symptoms of disease and the side effects of subsequent treatments.
Sound healing is a profound tool to support deep long lasting change and transformation. If a desire for change is present yet you are feeling stuck in old patterns of thought or beliefs Sound and Vibrational healing tools such as Tuning Forks and Tibetan Bowls induce different brainwave states by way of varying frequencies and as such open a portal for healing, change and transformation.

How long are your sessions and how much does it cost?

Generally, each session can last anywhere between an hour to an hour and a half and will be $90-150. There are a suite of services available for you here. You will find individual sessions and suggested packages best suited for you. To schedule a session, visit our Facebook page and click the “Book Now” button. I welcome this opportunity to connect with you so please call or send me an email at lisa@tunedintowellness.com.

How do I prepare for a Sound Healing session? What can I expect after I’m done?

Whether we meet in person, remotely or online it is good to prepare yourself and your space. You might light a candle, use your favorite essential oils or incense to clear the space. I’ll suggest that you wear light and comfortable clothing. Find a comfortable position for you. This might be meditation posture, in a chair or lying down. Prior to any Reiki or Sound Healing session you and I will set our intentions for your best outcome. This will be an essential part of your healing and transformation process.

“Intention + Frequency = Healing”


Jonathon Goldman


Afterward, you’ll drink plenty of water and allow yourself space and time for self care to assimilate and integrate your experience. You might want to keep a journal close by to write down any thoughts, feelings or emotions that come up and listen carefully to your inner wisdom as you move about your day.

As facilitator and guide it is my honor to help you navigate as you begin to awaken to your heightened senses and the faculties of your mind and spirit. This will be the foundation for you living a more healthy, productive and joyful existence. Together let’s bridge the gap from where you are to being your most radiant self in every aspect of your life!

Lee G.