Clearing You and Your Space With Sound

The chances are high that you have come across a variety of references to the need or want of cleansing your space before beginning any spiritual practices, from meditation to the unblocking and clearing of your energy field, balancing your chakras or simply as a daily practice as you might when tidying your home or work space.

You may already have your own preferred method for setting the scene and preparing your space before you begin.  Some of these are obvious, such as opening the windows to let in fresh air, and making sure that you are not disturbed, or surrounded by clutter. Some are more esoteric in nature and require a contribution from you in the form of a mantra or intention stated clearly and positively, either out loud or silently. 

Throughout human history we have used various methods to clear out stale or unwanted energies from spaces, buildings and sacred sites. One of the most well-known is the ritual of burning aromatic herbs and plants and using the smoke to chase out negative vibrations and unwanted energies. Fire is a great cleanser and forms a part of many ancient rituals, some of them though definitely not to be recommended for use in our smaller environments! Crystals, incense, salt, candles and water all feature heavily in ancient rituals and traditions, but the most consistent cleansing agent, throughout all of these practises is the use of sound in some form or another. 

How Do I Know When My Space Needs Clearing? 

Just as some people have a regular, regimented cleaning routine for their houses and others prefer the annual seasonal cleaning supplemented by a quick spruce up here and there when necessary, so you will find different advice on the regularity with which you should clear your space. 

You will need to use your intuition and listen to your what you are feeling in your body and the space you are in. There is nothing more counter-productive to an effective cleansing ritual than to approach it with a reluctant attitude though. If you are spending time lighting candle, sage bundles and oils, drawing symbols in the air and chanting mantras because you feel you ought to do it, you may as well save yourself the time and effort. The effect will not be the desired one if your task is a burden to you. 

Instead, take time to tune in to your feelings and your inner wisdom. Enter your space quietly and listen with your heart, feel it in your body. If you are able to sense contentment you are good to go, cleansing and clearing is not needed at that time. If you feel though that something is needed to improve the atmosphere then it is time to choose the method that is right for you. 

Why Use Sound? 

Most of the methods and rituals already mentioned require “props” such as incense, crystals or other objects. If you have only your own voice and body available at any time you can use these very effectively to clear your space of negative vibrations. 

The reasons for performing these clearing exercises are many and varied, but what they have in common is their rejuvenating effect on both the practitioner and the environment. Shaking and shouting out bad energy is a natural and instinctive thing for humans to do. Have you ever seen a toddler having a tantrum? Quite aside from the ear-splitting shrieks and howls, the child will almost always stamp their feet and try to make as much noise as possible with their whole body, including hands and head. When we release tension and anger by bellowing and stamping, possibly making even more noise by creating sounds with certain objects, we bring about a beneficial physiological change in our bodies. We release surplus adrenaline and cortisol and quite literally create an “empty” space in our minds and bodies which we are then free to fill with more positive hormones, chemicals and emotions.

How to Use Sound

One folkloric tradition involves shaking out the energy in a house by banging pots and pans in each room to drive out the old and make way for the new on January 1st each year. A more melodious way of doing this could be to use Tibetan tingsha bells which have a pleasing, mellow tone and are very easy to manipulate. They are small enough to be carried anywhere and striking one against the other is a very simple action that almost anyone can perform.

…take time to tune in to your feelings and your inner wisdom. Enter your space quietly and listen with your heart, feel it in your body.

A similar, but slightly more complicated way to produce the sound vibrations you need to alter the atmosphere is to use singing bowls. These come in all sizes and can be made from metal or crystal. The bowl is played with a “striker” or wooden stick, which you run around the rim of the bowl until a continuous sound is produced. It does take some practice to get the hang of playing a singing bowl, but many people find that the act of doing so is therapeutic and beneficial to their mental state as well as to the atmosphere. 

Bells are a wonderful way to produce the sound waves you need to shake up and disperse any negative energies of pockets of “sick Chi” in a room or other space. As bells can be found in all shapes, sizes and forms you can choose to be as bold or as simple as you like in your use of them. 

And of course as mentioned in one of my previous posts the use of a handheld drum or rattle is also very effective.

Your Voice 

The most versatile form of sound energy is the human voice. You can use your voice in so many ways that you may want to create a kind of “soundscape” to use whenever you want to improve the energies of your space. Humming is extremely beneficial to your own health, as the vibrations produce Nitric Oxide in your mucus membranes, which has been proven to be an effective shield or barrier against infection. Begin by humming quietly and slowly build up the volume, or hum from low to high, or high to low and visualise the soundwaves washing out from your body into every corner of the space you wish to clear. 

If you combine the sounds for each chakra with your intention to clear the atmosphere you are, in effect, getting two effects for the price of one! You will need to refer to the various resources on this site to find examples of the sounds you need for each of the seven main chakras, then sit in the center of the space you want to clear and close your eyes. Breathe deeply, focus your intention to perform the cleansing ritual and work through each of the seven sounds in turn. 

Chanting, humming, singing, repeating mantras and affirmations, praying or simply speaking out loud are all very effective ways to improve your own sense of well-being and to set the scene for whatever you intend to do. This could be healing or spiritual work, or it could be a very practical task, such as writing a report for work. No matter what your intentions are, working within an energetically cleared space will ease the process. 

It is my mission to support you in a life of well-being, joy and fulfillment. If you are interested in learning more about this and other highly effective tools and techniques for daily care and self healing contact me by email at lisa@tunedintowellness.com or set an appointment for a transformational healing & restorative session today!