Ascension Energy: A Channeling

The Effects of the Ascension Energy

Channeled 10 April 2020 by Vera Daroga shared with Tuned Into Wellness

The intensity of the Ascension energy is increasing constantly, and is flooding the planet in huge waves every moment. The effects of this has started showing up in the physicality of the planet as well as in the bodies and lives of all people. The new, high-frequency energies are bringing about a shift in the consciousness of humankind, thus bringing about a greater awakening among humankind.

…”channeling is a powerful means of spiritual unfoldment and conscious transformation. As you channel you build a bridge to the higher realms — a loving, caring, purposeful collective higher consciousness that has been called God, the All-that-Is, or the Universal Mind…. Channeling involves consciously shifting your mind and mental space in order to achieve an expanded state of consciousness.”

Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer Authors of “Opening TO Channel: How to Connect With Your Guide”


We are all witnesses of the mighty Hand of Nature freezing the entire world to a stand-still and compelling us to remain in the confines of our homes. The space, thus created, allows Mother Earth to live and breathe freely. The Mother is using this much-needed break to heal and recuperate herself from the incessant onslaughts of humanity’s arrogance and tampering.

The global lock-down has compelled us to retreat from the rat-race and enter into a reflective mode. It is during this quiet interval of relaxation that we are assimilating the higher energies into our being. These new energies are stirring the slumbering human to the realization of a higher reality. The re-awakening is setting people free from the entrapments of all compulsive beliefs, conditionings and superstitions of the third-dimensional paradigms.

Illustration of human (woman) energy body silhouette with aura and chakras. Theme of Creation, healing energy, connection between the body and soul.

The Higher Energies: Embrace Peace and Love

The higher energies are activating the chakras to their full potential. As they expand and resume their perfect form they are absorbing greater amounts of the Universal life-force, whereby you experience greater health and well-being, rejuvenation and an increase of personal power.
The activation of the Third-eye Chakra helps awaken your psychic abilities and makes you sensitive to the subtle sights, sounds and colors, which have remained imperceptible to the dense, physical sense-organs. Your Heart Chakra starts pulsating healthfully with the light of unconditional love, thus bringing you in alignment with source energy.

The higher vibrational frequencies are very gradually transforming your body from a dense, carbon-based structure to a beautiful crystalline one. The process has already begun, and will continue until you are completely transformed in your light-body. For eons, your higher faculties remained dormant under the gross layers of your physical body, so that you continued to live deaf and blind to the unseen reality. But with your light-body you will once again live in the fullness of your soul as you become increasingly sensitive to the subtle sights and sounds which are beyond the physical octave.

During this major transition, it is imperative to embrace peace and love regardless of the outer circumstances. Be vigilant of your emotions and thoughts and strive to live in the moment of NOW.

Making Choices For Our New Bodies

For many they have chosen to augment this experience of their well being by supporting the body at an even deeper level. Your food and drink are the important deciding factors for the building up of a light-body. Some do consider their primary consumption of fruits, grains and vegetables as these are a rich source of life-source. Dead-meat is virtually poisonous. It is devoid of any vibrations; it densifies your body, making it sluggish and unfit for any higher spiritual purpose. With your heightened consciousness, you will be careful to respect and nurture your body lovingly; you will no longer treat your refined light-body as a cemetery for dead animals. Many have referenced that Veganism will ultimately be the order of the New Age.